Customer Supplied Items & Logo Design

THW Monograms gladly accepts customer supplied items for items we do not currently supply.

For all customer supplied items, THW Monograms takes the upmost care in making sure every item turns out perfectly, however events beyond our control can happen. THW Monograms will not be responsible for any customer supplied items that are damaged during personalization. By dropping the items off for personalization, the customer accepts all risks involved with having the item personalized.

For all outside logo designs, THW Monograms will send the design off to have it professionally digitized for embroidery services. If you have questions on your logo, please reach out to the logo creator to help resolve any detail issues prior to sending the logo to us. We do not do any logo creation work and therefore cannot make any changes or edits to the files besides color changes.  We will always do our best to complete each logo to the best of our ability.

Thank you for understanding.